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$1.5 million investment reduces Wabash Castings’ environmental footprint

Wabash Castings Inc. has installed a new, $1.5 million JOEST Complete Shaker System that will improve operations and reduce landfill waste. The new shaker system allows the aluminum casting manufacturer to reclaim a greater amount of the sand used in its manufacturing process. Approximately 500 tons of sand is anticipated to be reclaimed and reused monthly, removing it from the landfill stream.

“We are continually seeking operational improvements that not only create production efficiencies but, equally important, reduce our environmental footprint,” said Sachin Shivaram, CEO of Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry (WAF) which acquired Wabash Castings in 2021. “This investment achieves both.”

Wabash Castings uses sand to form the molds used to make aluminum parts for manufacturers in a variety of industries, including the automotive, rail, agriculture and recreation. Instead of discarding the spent molds, the sand can now be reclaimed with this new shaker system. It works by using a variable frequency, combined with a variable angle shakeout conveyor to breakdown large chunks of mold sand into reusable sand. The spent molds are placed into a hopper and, as they are conveyed through the system, are vibrated to break apart, turning them once again into sand particles. The sand is then reused for new molds.

This process reduces the amount of new sand needed by nearly 50%. Currently, Wabash Castings receives several tankers of sand daily. The new process is expected to reduce deliveries to less than 10 per month once fully operational.

“Not only are we reducing the amount of waste being produced, but we’re also reducing the need for new sand and new sand deliveries,” explained Eric Terrell, Vice President & General Manager at Wabash Castings. “This improves operational costs, while further reducing our carbon footprint. It’s part of WAF’s overall goal to improve operations through environmentally friendly solutions.”

This post was also published on WisBusiness.

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