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Aluminum Casting, Molding, and Engineering

Engineers and buyers across industries trust the experts at Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry to solve their toughest aluminum casting and copper-based casting challenges. Partner with our engineering team to bring your concepts to life, and rely on our manufacturing processes for exacting quality, 99.5% on-time delivery, and three-week lead times.

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry is Your Trusted Casting Partner

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As a non-ferrous foundry, we offer a wide range of services in aluminum, bronze and brass castings: specializing in permanent mold casting; green sand casting and green sand molding; air set sand casting; no-bake sand casting; Disa molding; Hunter molding; and low pressure permanent mold processes. We’ll take your casting design from prototype to production tooling, all within a time frame that meets your needs.

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Expect the Best

Expect the Best

What makes us a global leader in the non-ferrous casting industry? Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry is committed to producing what customers want, when they want it. We accomplish this through our wide range of aluminum and bronze casting capabilities, machining and 100% vertical integration, including an in-house pattern shop, heat treating, impregnation, and our own machine shop.

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22 Years

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On-Time Delivery

3 Weeks

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GM Supplier of the Year Award

3 Years

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High-Quality Services Across Industries

Since our beginnings in 1909, we’ve worked with countless industries to provide them with castings that meet their needs.

As a world-class supplier in the non-ferrous casting industry, at Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, our work reflects the pride and dedication shared by our team. We exceed expectations with industry leading on-time delivery, lead times, and quality of aluminum alloy castings, copper alloy castings, bronze and brass alloys across industries.

Our customers expect the best, and we deliver custom components designed and manufactured for specific applications, servicing markets as diverse as heavy-duty truck, automotive, marine, oil, agriculture, defense and medical.

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Ignite Your Career with Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry

Looking for a career where your hard work and unique skills are highly valued? At Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, we challenge our employees to go above and beyond in their work, and we reward them for it, too.

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry’s talented workforce is dedicated to quality across the many processes used to cast a wide array of non-ferrous castings, from the design stage to prototyping to production to completion. The quality of our work reflects the pride and dedication shared by our team. From 10 parts to multiple thousands, or anything in between, Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry has a full complement of in-house capabilities for maximum production flexibility.

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