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Wabash Castings acquired by Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry

MANITOWOC, Wisconsin — Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry (WAF), a leader in aluminum and copper-based alloy castings, has purchased the assets of Wabash Castings Inc. Wabash Castings is based in Wabash.

“We are excited to grow our operations and expand on the success of Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry,” WAF CEO Sachin Shivaram said in an announcement. “Wabash Castings is renowned for their ability to produce high volume, complex castings. Their facility forms a perfect complement to our existing breadth of production lines. This acquisition will accelerate our growth in the electric vehicle and consumer goods markets, among other exciting opportunities.”

With the acquisition, WAF will expand 401(k) benefits and provide additional benefits for all Wabash Castings’ employees. It will also implement an immediate wage increase for many of the positions within the company. WAF will continue the Wabash Castings brand name.

Additionally, Shivaram said WAF is looking forward to becoming a strong partner in the local community.

“A strong community is at the core of a strong workforce and we look forward to building that relationship in the Wabash community,” he said.

“We’re thrilled to have a longtime, family-owned business invest in our community,” said city of Wabash Mayor Scott Long. “Their commitment speaks volumes about what we have done in Wabash and where we are heading. WAF brings stability to a long-term employer in Wabash and will help diversify our local economy by maintaining and providing quality jobs. I look forward to working with their team and helping them out in every way possible to make Wabash Castings a premier employer in our city.”

Founded in 1909, WAF is a family-owned company, serving a wide variety of industries by providing high-quality aluminum and copper-based alloy castings. Its Manitowoc facility employs more than 400 team members, with Wabash Castings, LLC employing nearly 100 team members, with plans to grow.

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